How to get clients from your competitors?

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We all know how important social media is to maintain client engagement towards a product or service, therefor almost all businesses will have a social media footprint.

This is great for you!

Let's assume that your main competitor creates a Facebook post in which he states a few features of his product. With Adcomment you can grab the URL of that Facebook post and create a campaign in which you request our members to mention that your product also have the same features and a few others as well as being more affordable.

This means that the clients of your competitor will most likely give your product a try as well.

Ok but... Is this even legal?

While the morality of such practices can be somewhat questionable there's no illegal aspect to it whatsoever because of the following:

  1. Social media public posts are visible to everyone therefor everyone can express their opinion and if the competitor would want only his own clients to see their post you wouldn't be able to link to it in the first place.
  2. All comments that promote your product come from real people that use that specific social media platform, therefor they are entitled to their own opinion.

Haven't found an answer to your question?.

Adcomment helps users buy and sell social media exposure in the form of posts and comments across all major social media platforms.

With Adcomment you can pay people to recommend your business or you can earn money for posting and commenting on social media.


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