What is Adcomment and what exactly does it do?

Adcomment's knowledge base

To put it simple, Adcomment is a platform that acts as an intermediary.

We intermediate buying and selling posts and comments over social media platforms, between advertisers and people that want to earn money for doing these tasks.

During this process Adcomment and it's staff will promote the offers and requests for posts and comments received from people that want to advertise their business or website to members that want to earn revenue for posting and commenting over social media.

This may sound a bit more complicated than it actually is but at the end of the day the best way to explain is to offer an example:

John is a small business owner and he sells kitchen knives. His advertising budget isn't great since he's just starting so he's looking for something affordable that will yield fast results as well as promote his knives brand.

John comes to Adcomment for this and posts a campaign mentioning that he wants people to promote his website on Facebook.

The Adcomment users create posts about John's knives on their personal Facebook walls.

John is happy because he got a lot of exposure and potential clients for less than 10% of what he'd spend with an actual Facebook campaign.

The Adcomment users are also happy because they earned money that otherwise they'd have no access to.

Haven't found an answer to your question?.

Adcomment helps users buy and sell social media exposure in the form of posts and comments across all major social media platforms.

With Adcomment you can pay people to recommend your business or you can earn money for posting and commenting on social media.


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